Saturday, June 11, 2016

Long Tail Cat

An abbreviated pet post is still better than none - no?

Queen Soph. Regal as always. 

My sister has been cutting my mother's yard. Boomer follows here as she does it. He is such her dog. 

And Pippa has made herself quite at home during a visit to my sister's house. 

Song by: Loggins & Messina


Raybeard said...

Postings of pet pics are never a waste of time, as these ones so beauitfully testify.

Anonymous said...

The cat obviously doesn't like tennis.

anne marie in philly said...

"An abbreviated pet post is still better than none" correct-o-mundo!

please update us on your mother.

Bob said...

Sophie's face seems to ask:
Are you pointing a camera at The Royal Visage?

Fearsome Beard said...

Yard? That's a football field.

Mark in DE said...

I agree with Raybeard. :-)

Ur-spo said...

lovely pets, all.