Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Penis Song

I know I don't blog a lot about work - and that is the way it will remain, for the most part. But I had a funny to share.

I had my monthly one-on-one with my boss two days ago. Normally, there isn't a lot to talk about but I had a few things on which I needed guidance.

One of my docs, whom I like personally, but can be problematic professionally. The Boss must have already heard a rumbling or two of what I was about to say, but I gave further details.

I should state that the boss knows I'm gay. No big deal - for either of us. The Boss asks about 710 now and again, though they've never crossed paths. It's a nice gesture. And as much as I don't talk about work here, I rarely talk about personally life there. I provided specifics on this doc's antics, the Boss goes, "he sounds like a real dick".

I said, "he only sounds that way because he is a dick......or can be one". But I went on to say, that he doesn't bother me and I can handle his behaviour, but there was a bigger underlying contract issue that needed resolved.

And this is how the Boss followed up - and in all seriousness:  "well, I know you know how handle dicks".

Do I!

Honestly, I think the Boss would have laughed had I pointed out the statement and made a funny. But then I thought, well.......maybe they'd feel bad about me pointing out what was clearly an unintended pun - and one that, in lesser hands, be an HR nightmare.

I wasn't offended in the slightest, and I laughed internally, but don't think I made any outward changes to my demeanor as I sat in their office.

In my mind, the Boss is simultaneously telling this story at home, and while it being a humourous story, theirs has a slight mortified edge to the tale, like "can you believe I said that?"

....and it's not like the Boss was telling tall tales or untruths!  {wink}

Song by: Macklemore


wcs said...

Moms first? So, after that it's the dads' turn?

Travel said...

Great picture. You didn't complain about the hostile work environment?

Bob said...

I can imagine The Boss did share the story at home with that different take on it.
Too funny.

Ur-spo said...

If you didn't share it, I am glad you did!