Monday, June 13, 2016

My Music Monday

Even though today is 12 of 12, I felt I'd be cheating Erik if I didn't fully participate in the music selection too.

As stated prior - we are focusing on colours.

This week I am doing red. Lots of selections in my liberry. Oh, how to choose?

When I saw "Beautiful Red Dress" by Laurie Anderson pop up, I thought: oh, there it is.

The song comes from her 1989 album, Strange Angels.

It's a good album, but out of character for Anderson. A performance artist by trade, she's always incorporated music into her work, but rarely does she sing. She talks.....usually. Strange Angels is mostly singing.

In "Beautiful Red Dress" Anderson both sings and speaks.

The sad thing about the song is that today, it's just as relevant as it was 27 years ago. Heavy in themes of equality of women - in pay and power.

There is a great lyric: "I just want to say something / You know, for every dollar a man makes a woman makes 63 cents / Now, fifty years ago that was 62 cents / So, with that kind of luck, it'll be the year 3,888 before we make a buck."

And yes, there is a part of why people think the presidency will never go to a woman.

It's all fairly timely - this long after it's release.

Oh - and yes, the 'red dress' is pretty much a metaphor for menstruation.

But you knew that - - right?

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