Saturday, June 04, 2016

the New Kid

We have a new puppy!!!!!!!!!! the neighborhood.


No, no new doggie for least yet.

But friends Suzanne and Dan got a new Rhodesian Ridgeback. A girl one. A few weeks ago, they were so happy to tell us they were getting her over the Memorial Day weekend. They went to Maryland to pick her up.

I ran into Dan at work, and he told me to stop by to see her. As luck would have it, Dan and I pulled into the 'hood at the exact same time, so he went to get Suzanne and the dogs.

Meet Eleanore. 

I don't really know the spelling - but that's how my mother spells her name. And she was not thrilled when I told her they named their puppy after her (even though they've never met or even know of each other). 

Eleanore is not the same color as Oliver, or (the Other)Brett's Ridgebacks. 

Eleanore is not shy about going after Oliver. They are very growly-talkie with each other. Dan swears that each dog understands what the other is saying. And Dan and Suzanne are good about letting them work it out. I'd be breaking up everything - just in case. 

Suzanne realizes this is one of the last times she'll be able to hold Eleanore this way. 

Eleanore is three months old. 

....and she likes to cool off in the dirt and under some bushes. 

She is really good at coming when she's called and she doesn't run away. She was far too distracted to give me any canine kisses, though Dan says she loves to give them. Maybe it's just to him.

Song by: Old 97s


Raybeard said...

What a sweetie! Lovely to see young dogs at the stage where they are still so fascinated by everything, looking at it all as a game where the world is one big adventure playground. Their happiness and sense of fun is so infectious.

(the other) Brett said...

Awwwwwww!!!!!! You know how our Ridgebacks play......lots of growls talking and playing. People get a bit worried when we are on the beach as they see two 100+ lb dogs growling and talking. Been walking a lot with our friends who also have a new puppy....and she is fearless about going after all the older dogs. Great to watch!!!

Looking forward to seeing more pictures!

anne marie in philly said...

3 months old...and she's THAT big already? WOW! what a pretty girl, named after eleanor roosevelt perhaps.

Ur-spo said...

such pretty pooches!
please get one yourself.