Saturday, June 25, 2016


It is another short doggie post today. The week was such (read: shitty) that I didn't even get a kitty kat shot. Soph is probably happy for the break. She's not much of a posing feline.

However, Boomer can be when it comes to doggie pics.

When we come to my mom's house and Boomer is there, he is always very excited to see us. He is pretty attentive - and I'm happy to provide the attention. 

And he's so damned cute. 

After a while he just passed out.  It was commented on that he must be getting old (10? 11?).  There was a time we were all convinced that Boomer did not sleep for like six years. He was always on. Always.

It's nice to see him chill.

Song by: Eliza Gilkyson


anne marie in philly said...

boomer IS a handsome boy!

Raybeard said...

He's got those perky looks, so full of curiosity at the world - a sure-fire winner of hearts.

Travel said...

Cute dog, I am going to go see my sisters dog in another week (and see some other family, but Blitz is likely to be the highlight of the trip.) Have a great weekend!

Bob said...

He's a cutie, alright.

Mark in DE said...

Boomer is adorable and still has a puppy-ishness about him.