Monday, June 20, 2016

My Music Monday

Colours is the theme. So many songs to choose from - and I only have four weeks. Well....two now.....including this one.

I know you're all expecting Chris DeBurgh's "the Lady in Red", but that probably isn't going to happen. And by 'probably, I mean 'definitely'.

I'm still enjoying my post-Dixie Chicks concert experience (the music part).

DCX have always been fans of Patty Griffin. They've covered a number of her songs over the years - some on tape and some in concert.

In 2000, Griffin recorded an album, Silver Bell, that was never released.......well, until 2013. But the Chicks heard the disk and recorded a few of the songs off there. Natalie Maines went on to say, that they'd like to record every song from that disk.

Since the Chicks have not been recording as a group, Maines went on to record the title track of Griffin's album for her debut solo album.

As Griffin has a certain style and DCX stuck pretty much to her arrangements - and as Maines is / was the lead singer of DCX, her solo take on "Silver Bell" sounds very very very much like the Dixie Chicks doing Patty Griffin.

I have to say, when Maines' album came out, I was lukewarm to "Silver Bell", but it's grown on me over time. I do like Griffin, and actually, I think the Dixie Chicks do her song more justice than she usually does herself.

Natalie Maines - "Silver Bell"

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Bob said...

Maines is so much a Chick that even solo she's Chick. Still, I enjoyed this one.