Thursday, November 20, 2014

Garden of Eden

They paved paradise and put up a..........well........a 'modern green space surrounded by skylights that would flood the galleries with natural light and provide “sneak peeks” of the exhibitions below.'

Such is happening to the Enid A. Haupt Garden which sits behind the Smithsonian Castle.

There is a $2 billion dollar plan to renovate the area over the next few years.

You're probably thinking - 'why does he care about that?'.

The Haupt Garden is where 710 and I got married just over four years ago.

We had our choices of places to tie the knot: the Botanical Gardens (possible), outside the Supreme Court (no!) and even the remote opportunity of saying "I do" at the Naval Observatory (but Jill Biden couldn't get us clearance on such short notice) - but outside the Smithsonian seemed to be the right place.

I have denoted the actual space (w the blue circle) in which we got hitched. I am now required to keep this pic forever as a memento of our where we got married, as it seems that the EAH Garden currently resides on top of the Freer & Slacker Galleries. I've only been in those galleries once - and that was on our wedding day because I was so nervous I had to poop.

What?  TMI?

While it's not like the location is going to be blown off the map, but the physical space will be so different that where we took our vows won't actually exist. It just seems odd to me.

Our plan was to always visit where we became betrothed, but in honesty, we haven't been back to DC since we got married. I'm not sure I've ever been away from DC for this long of a time.

Still, when we get back I'm sure a number areas of the city have changed somewhat. I'm all for progress and moving forward, but I was hoping to retain a little sense of our history. Still, I will go by to see the new set-up when it is done.

Song by:  Paula Cole

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Bob said...

There ought'a be a plaque or something!

Someone get Obama on the line!