Tuesday, November 04, 2014

We Believe in Happy Endings

I'm ignoring a voting post, since I did mine a few weeks ago, but really - get out and vote folks. TODAY.

So, a "funny" thing happened to me at yoga this last Sunday.

I would say, at our Sunday community yoga (read: free), one in 20 times is our instructor a dude.

And even when it is, the chances of getting readjusted by another guy are slim to none - not that I'm looking for that to happen.

Now, look at the title image.

This is called Happy Baby pose. Or where you lift your legs and grab your feet the way babies do. Those tots always seem to have a smile on their face when they do it. Most people in a yoga studio do not. It's not a difficult pose - at least I don't think, but we're def not as flexible as a newborn.

A while back, another male instructor at another location called this "Prison Pose".

Since then, David and I have co-opted that term and used it in many other times in many other practices, usually to the giggles of many some.

So, as we were winding down in our hour practice, the instructor makes it over my way - for the second time. This time however I am in Prison Happy Baby pose.

Now, at this time, my eyes are closed, so I'm not aware he's standing in front of me. And by "in front of me", I mean where Chris Keller would be positioned if I were in OZ.

I feel his shins on my butt cheeks and him using his arms to push my feet deeper into the pose.

This I can handle. I have gotten over people touching and readjusting me in yoga a while ago....unless they're trying to move my left shoulder into a place I know it won't be able to achieve.

It was his words.  "Do you feel that?"

It had me smiling - on the inside. It's like poker (or him), you don't show those cards and you try not to have a tell.

But I was smiling because I knew the man to the right of me was just DYING to say something.......anything. I didn't even have to look over. I just knew.

Then the instructor said the odder thing. I wouldn't have been quite as befuddled if he said, "you really needed that" - but in the form of a question. But what he actually said was "I really needed that."

I'm not sure, but I have to believe my face scrunched into a quizzical look at that statement. I didn't have a mirror - and my eyes were still shut this whole time anyways.

What did he need? And better yet, what did he get? Not that I would have asked those questions, but he then just walked off.

Then, I turned to see David, smiling and looking at me about to say something, but I beat him to the punch. Kind of.

"I have absolutely NO comeback" was my comment.

Actually, I had thousands....ok, maybe a half-dozen. But I really couldn't focus on just one, so I went with zero. But by that point we were just laughing.

Honestly, I can't even figure out what he meant to say - unless, that was what he meant to say. And if so, I'm not sure what he needed from my readjustment.

It was a funny anecdote to tell 710 on the drive out to my mother's house though.

Song by: Earl Thomas Conley & Emmylou Harris


anne marie in philly said...

interesting...wonder what he DID get out of it? only HE knows for sure!

Ur-spo said...

I thought this was called the 'dead bug' or 'dead fly'

Mark in DE said...

I don't think I could have resisted saying SOMETHING. ;-)

David said...

I emitted an emotion quiff.