Saturday, November 22, 2014

Leave My Kitten Alone

Animals. Animals. Animals.

It beats talking about the GOP and immigration reform, no?

Sleeping Beauty. 

710 at the stove. Potential dropage. 

the Dynamic Duo

Handsome, but not always pretty. 

My favourite thing about this: you can see the outline of her ears. 

And we'll add Buddy to the list of stars. She'll make occasional appearances here. 
She's now about 7 weeks old. Here she is relaxing on 710's lap. But I just love the shot of her pads. She is loving my mom and her new place - and my mother is loving her, though she'll faux complain about how energetic the kitten is. 

Song by: the Beatles


anne marie in philly said...

BUDDY! yes, please put the little princess in periodically. glad to hear she is keeping your mom company.

Raybeard said...

Yet another little sweetie, and another outright winner. Can never see too much of these.

Bob said...

Great pictures as always, but Buddy wins the Totes Adorbs title this week,

Ur-spo said...

Lovely pets. I felt more at peace merely by looking at the photos.

Mark in DE said...

These are all great pics! I love the way your pets seem to exude so much personality.