Saturday, November 15, 2014

Walking Slow

The reason most of you keep with this blog..........

 Best Petey pic of the week - if I say so myself. He's a handsome dude. 

 On one of our 'round the lake walks. It's a panoply of smells. 
A "quick" walk around the lake can take at least an hour. It's worth it. 

 Soph on my knee.  Love it when she tries to get closer to me. 

 What do you mean this was a blanket to keep you warm? Aren't they all for me???

Fido was here. Spot was here. Gigi was here. Sparky was here. Gracie was here.......

What a difference a day makes. Petey isn't fond of the cold, but he does like the snow. 
And that's good because we got about 5" of it. 

Song by: Jackson Browne


anne marie in philly said...

eeeeew, that white crap!

the furkids are as cute as always.

PS - have you thought about flannel sheets for your wintertime bedcovers? very toasty warm!

Raybeard said...

Glad you let Petey have his 'head' when he goes out. I can't stand to see people 'walking' their dogs but yanking them roughly on their leads whenever they want to stop and sniff. Don't they get it that it's part of their nature that needs its exercise too?

I never cease to feel privileged when an animal expresses its trust in one whenever it settles down nearby or sits in your lap (even if it's only there because of the warmth). I never take it for granted, but am honoured by its presence .

Ur-spo said...

we love Petey

sakshisinha said...

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