Saturday, November 08, 2014

Moving Too Fast

It's Saturday - and the animals rule this posting day!

 Taken on National Cat Day - with Sophie sitting atop me. Petey wakes up for his "get a room" look. 

 Trying to sneak down the basement. I don't think he can fit in that gap, but one never knows. 

 Petey loves that pillow 710 got for him. He uses it daily. What a spoiled man. 

And he stole a blanket and made it into another bed......because two beds and a sofa are not enough for his royal highness. 

Just playing a little with the iPhone and time-lapsed video. '
Petey on a walk through the woods. 

Song by: Crash Vegas


anne marie in philly said...

I love waking up early on saturday morning to the animals!

Bob said...

Petey and the Pillow!

Dith said...

I heart Petey. I recall a time when his beds were on the floor. ;-)

Mark in DE said...

Our dogs like to take a pillow, trample and paw at it, and then snuggle down into it. As you said, as if a soft fleece bed isn't enough.