Monday, November 10, 2014

My Music Monday

I'm still in a Damien Rice mood / mode.

I have gotten a lot of music in 2014, but most of it has been relatively uninspired. My opinion, of course. But I'm pretty down (in a good way) with this one.

"I Don't Want to Change You" is the first release and video. It's a good song, though there are better ones on his new disk (out tomorrow). My opinion, of course.

Actually, that centerpiece song is out there as a "video", but I found it doubtful most would sit through a 10 minute tune.

As it is, this video version of "I Don't Want to Change You" is shortened by about two minutes from the album version.

The video doesn't suck either. I hope it's not green-screened, as the location shot looks just beautiful, though the water looks a tad chilly.

Still, this song is a decent representation of Rice's work.


Bob said...

Haunting, the song and the video.

Mark Greene said...

I want to thank you for introducing me to this artist. I never heard of him until I ran into your blog. I just saw the video. Loved it . I'm 2/3 into watching his live show "Damien Rice live at best kept secret festival." Thanks to you I have a new artist in my music collection. Excellent post.