Monday, November 24, 2014

My Music Monday

I'm going out on a limb {not} to say none of you saw this one coming.........on multiple levels.

While the song is a good 10-15 years old, it is not one that anyone would expect to be on my radar - myself included.

Actually, it had fallen off my radar.

The reemergence of this would be thanks (?) to NPR. They actually did a story on a new album by.......Bryan Adams.

Yes, that Bryan Adams.

Apparently, he has a new disk of cover songs out, or coming out. I've really really really tried to teach myself a lesson and not buy anymore cover albums - not that me purchasing a disk of Mr. Adams was ever in play.

Yes, NPR mentioned that his "Summer of '69" is a big hit in the karaoke bars - and I'll have to take their word for that, but I could see it being a crowd pleaser. Easy to sing and sing along to - after a half dozen beers. But he was never a thing for me. I don't own one album by him.

But I do have a song by him. One. Singular.

But not just by him. A duet..........and not one with Sting-a-ling-a-ding-dong and Rod Stewart either. Yikes - what forces were at play to think up that pairing?

On paper the duet I'm talking about won't seem much better. Quite the opposite, in fact.

I am very proud to say, except for that one radio hit (though there were probably others), I really do not know of any Spice Girls songs.

I know - you're thinking that last line is out of left field, of the Spice Girls, Melanie C. is Adams' duet partner from a song in the late 1990s...or so. And allegedly it was after the Spice Girls had called it quits.

I don't think it was ever a hit on U.S. radio, but "Since You're Gone", but at the time, our local cable provider carried MuchMusic - Canada's answer to MTV. And it was a channel that actually played music and music videos - and I've mentioned there here often, because I picked up some good stuff that was never on the U.S. radar or radio.

I think MuchMusic was required to play Mr. Adams, seeing he is Canadian. It's probably a law or something. But most of the stuff I picked up via MM were Canadian it's all good.

But I don't mind the Adams/Melanie C song. It's a little middle of the road, but it's not anything I thought it might be. I don't know the Spice Girls, but it seemed like something that they could never pull off or their type of music - but I'm speculating, of course.

If anything bothers me about the video (not the song) is it because Bryan is wearing guyliner? Something is off about his looks and it's not his bad skin.   ....this time.

So yeah - you didn't know that Bryan Adams and a Spice Girl teamed up - and you definitely didn't know that I knew about it, let alone download it from Napster way way way back when.

I'm full of surprises.

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Bob said...

So, was he "Old Spice."