Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Year in Pictures - 2013

It's that time! A look back on the last 12 months in pictures. You might have seen similar images in the associated posts (if there are associated posts), but I'm trying to bring new snaps to this entry.

If there is an associated post, I've linked it. If not....well, no hyperlink.

This post is, by no means, trying to encompass the entire year - that's what blog archives are for. Click to enlarge images, if you'd like.

February 2013 - Not our best picture. 

David and I at yoga where members of the Cleveland Orchestra played during our practice. Bad (and cheap) champagne afterwards. David is wearing his grandfather's black tie.

February 2013 - The 2013 Cleveland Car Show.............bathroom stall. Racy!!!! (get it? ...bc it's a car show)

February 2013 - Submitted without comment. 

March 2013 - Brother and sister "love". I think I used this image before. 

March 2013 - Just a site to see on my way to a Sunday yoga class. Boobie! Singular.

April 2013 - Cleveland Clinic artwork. I love it!

April 2013 - Denver International Airport kiosk.
I would stay this result and activity are usually accurate. 

April 2013 - Just a helpful hand-out from when I volunteered at CLAW.
My HgbA1C is just fine, thank you - and I own no shackles or cuffs. Yet!

 May 2013 - A dog and his boy. A walk in the park on a very hot day.

 May 2013 - No idea where I even took this, but I loved it.

 May 2013 - Me and the Beibs. Or Jane Lynch. It's hard to tell.

 June 2013 - Summer Solstice at Cleveland Museum of Art.

June 2013 - A bird's nest (public art) at the Cleveland Public Liberry

July 2013 - Boston Marathon prayer flags on Boytlston St.

July 2013 - Eye candy - Marginal Way, Ogunquit, ME.  Nice rod.

July 2013 - Morty in Ogunquit, trying to be all butch and stuff. At least I went in the 57 degree ocean sans wet suit. Who's the stupid butch one now?

August 2013 - My peeps (well, the guy ones) at the Ohio Union. It was my pseudo-birthday weekend.

 August 2013 - Nasim, Rosalee and Debbie before our Believe in Cleveland yoga event.

September 2013 - My assertion is: my cousin Billy shouldn't have asked to try my sausage unless it was going to be on my terms!

September 2013 - Cousins together. They're a great group of folks.

October 2013 - One of my favourite pictures of David. Secret Garden Yoga.

 November 2013 - Possibly the only repeat pic of the year. Probably my favourite of Petey of all time.

December 2013 - Jungle yoga with David

December 2013 - Busted. Yes, it's true, he does most of my blogging. 


anne marie in philly said...

I think your cousin david is HAWT!

I didn't know petey was so talented!

Mike Carlson said...

I guess you had a very wonderful time all year long! Happy New Year buddy!