Saturday, December 07, 2013

Slap and Tickle

Petey Porn Day.....with some Sophie thrown in for good measure.

The "kids" get along just fine, but sometimes Sophie likes to antagonize. Thursday she just kept popping up and whapping Petey.  Harmless swats that didn't do a thing. 

She was also stalking him on Thursday. While I went to change to take Petey for a walk - and him anxiously waiting by the door - Sophie opted to hop onto the kitchen counter (which is a big no-no). Petey was right below her.

And on that walk, Petey got vocal for the first time in months!

For a bonus treat, John, over at the possibly defunct I Got Somethin' to Say, posted this on Facebook yesterday and it just made me smile.

Song by:  Squeeze


anne marie in philly said...

I double dog dare you to walk by me! (say the cats)

oooooh, I'm so skeered of the widdle pussy cat! (say the dogs)

nice to hear petey's voice, and to see petey and sophie at play. and once again, you have a lovely home; I am jealous of the kitchen!

Raybeard said...

Wonder if I'm alone in finding the second video too painful to watch. I never got past the first minute - part of my acute dislike of seeing animals, any animal, in distress.

I also have to keep an eye on my own two resident pussies plus my (currently) five occasional through-the-window visitors. They too undergo agonies of indecision when wanting to pass close by another. I usually have to lift one over to solve their quandary.

Anonymous said...

Cats are very crafty and Sophia was/is probably tired of Petey having his own personal post every week so she made sure you'd have no choice but to include her. Her ultimate plan is to get you to make Sophia Sundays and she knows that as the hits pile up you'll do more posts about her until she either get's her own blog or gets you to rename this one. ;)

btw: in the new capture, you only have to type in the italicized word. You can ignore the other one.

Anonymous said...

I never knew dogs would be scared of cats like that. That's a new one for me.

Maybe I need to make Torrie my guard kitty. She's only seven pounds but she's all sorts of fierce!