Saturday, December 14, 2013

Biting Your Tail

Petey Porn. Petey Porn. Petey Porn.

Lord, I take a lot of pics of the little man. But he's a handsome lad - and he's our, and we are his, so I'm loving it while I have the chance.

Petey has had better weeks. Smart as a whip he is - finally found the cat fud. It was kind of fine when he ate it 2-3 times from Sophie's bowl, as there was never much in there to begin with.

It wasn't fine when he figured out where the fud tin was and how to pry the lid off. There is no way of knowing how much he ate in that one sitting.

The problem is, the cat fud has grain in it, to which he is allergic, so he has licked and bit his tail until it's raw and bleeding - and right after it finally healed completely and all the hair grew back.  Frick.

We're back at square one. Cones and antibiotics.  Again.


....waitin' for the doc

Hey! He's in my spot...........again. 

Petey is even handsome in a cone.

If he's supervised closely, Petey can have the cone off. But one screw-up and it goes back on.

Song by: Iron & Wine


Ur-spo said...

poor pete - it's a dog's life.

wcs said...

Argh! The cone of shame... Here's hoping he heals up fast!

anne marie in philly said...

awwww, poor petey! :(

get well soon!

daddies need to hide the cat fud.

Raybeard said...

P looks suitably chastened, while S's face says "Hah, it jolly well serve him right!"

Anonymous said...

It's so hard when you have to figure out what wrong.

After reading your first line I thought how many hits you get from people googling petty porn. You blog came up around 43. The other such results were almost even between porn stars and Porno Pete.

Anonymous said...

Porno Pete Labarbera... sheesh!

Sorry to see what's happening with Petey. Hope he gets better soon.