Friday, December 27, 2013


I should have something to write about - but it's not coming to mind.

Oddly enough, the holidays did not wear me out. Yoga might. That 7 day package David and I picked up has been a killer - in a good way.

The studio is good, some of the instructors have been great. Yesterday was our first male instructor and man, he really put us through our paces. The scary thing is, he said at the beginning it was a 'moderate class'. YIKES. I was dripping in such a way that once I found myself catching the dripping sweat with my tongue so it didn't fall to my mat. Of course, I immediately flashed on that I probably look like Barty Crouch, Jr., but I was too in the moment of the pose to even laugh or smile.

But today is our last day with that package - so now it's either individual or do another, more expensive package. I imagine I'll be back - they were that good. Yet tomorrow, it's back to a weekend of free classes and then I'll decide.

When all said and done, I'll have done seven classes in nine days. That's a lot - as I usually break up yoga with lifting and stuff. Mind you, I have done lifting on the other days, well, not xmas. I'm a little surprised my body hasn't given out yet.

As for the title image, it turned out to be a weird confluence of events - David getting the same yoga calendar that I got. Though it is Yoga for Dogs, I do have a Downward Facing Cat in my picture.

Enjoy your end of the week. And even end of the year. Oh sure, I'll have blog posts, but most of them are year-end wrap-ups.

Song by: Sade


Anonymous said...

You're in great company doing yoga - Madonna, Sting, Ricky - and others. Probably safer for you injury wise too. If certain other bloggers had used this title for their post I'd have been scared.

Robert said...

I keep reading about guys taking yoga classes. Perhaps I should check this out.

Ur-spo said...

you inspire me to retake yoga in the new year.