Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Oh Ella -

the answer to that question is "nothing".

Like always.

Back in the Paleolithic Era, when I was last single, even then I didn't want to kiss anyone at midnight. Oh sure, I'd go home with them at 02:30 after 'last call', but that was not specifically a New Year's Eve thing. Or a kissing thing, for that matter.

But I find little appealing about NYE. I can get drunk at home, if I so choose. Though I rarely do. Our neighbors and friends usually have New Year's Day open houses, and that seems more up our alley. There is no driving and a lesser chance of a hangover.

But as for 2013 - it's been a good year. Maybe not specifically for me, but in general.

For us gays - c'mon, could we have had a better year: assuming you leave out the GOP, Duck Dynasty, NOM, most States Attorney Generals (see GOP), Sochi Olympics and any number of failed boycotts.

But really - we added New Mexico, Hawaii, Utah, Maine, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Washington, Illinois, New Jersey and finally California to the states allowing same sex marriage. And then of course there was DOMA.

The dominos are falling - slowly but surely. And in some cases, not so slowly.

While I would like 2014 to see the same type of activity, the reality is, it will have to slow down some. Courts and voter initiatives just don't work that quickly.....usually.

Yoga and the gym still chug along - with me in tow. I'm looking for that better body still (who isn't?) but at least I have hit the goal weight. Maybe if I add muscle, I'll be where I want. Or do people ever get where they want - or where they think they want?

The blog is chugging along as well. Right now we are looking at about 170,000 unique visits in 2013. Clearly the final number is pending, as we have not made it through today.

I got the birthday I wanted - kind of. No Jon or Dith in Maine, but I was happy that Georty and Rebecca could make it. I was not pleased that Mike kept dodging me, but he'll pay for that ....eventually. It was a lovely week in Ogunquit. And it was great that a month later everyone (including Dith and Jon) were together. That totally made my year.

Still, another year is done. Gone.  ...and I'm ok with that.

I hope your New Year's Eve is fun and safe, or that you get whatever you want out of it. I hope your 2013 was what you wanted as well.

Onward and upward.

Song by: Ella Fitzgerald


BosGuy said...

Happy New Year. Hope to see you this summer if you come back out to New England.

anne marie in philly said...

happy 2014 from my house to yours!

PS - I don't go out either...too many drunks on the road.

Harpers Keeper said...

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year

Jim said...

Happy New Year!

Ur-spo said...

My 2013 was splendid; and it ended quietly by falling asleep at 1030PM.

Mark in DE said...

Many have sung this song, but no one sung it better than Ella. Its hauntingly beautiful.

Happy New Year!