Friday, December 20, 2013


I am SO over this Duck Dynasty asswipe (hey! it's free speech, I can say it!!) and his remarks on gays, g-d and the completely ignored, pre-civil rights Louisiana.                                            

The guy might be a hick, but he's a hick who made - get this - $400MM in 2013 alone. He's not as big of a rube as people would like to believe, so his words carry weight.

Again, I'm tired as fuck over people telling me what g-d thinks, let alone about homosexuality.

This Robertson putz goes on about vaginas vs anuses. But he touches on who will and won't get into heaven: the male prostitutes (I guess females get a free pass), drunks, slanderers, swindlers, homosexuals and the greedy.

The greedy.  So, Mr. Robertson, please show me how much of that $400MM you have donated to charity? And your supporters - the Palins, Fox "news", all the religious bigots - or as we know them: the slanderers, won't be getting past the pearly gates?

I'm resigned to going to hell, but not for the reasons stated above. But if I'm going with these assholes, it might be safe to reason I am already there.

I'm frustrated.

Not because of what Roberston said. Who gives a flying fuck what he said?  He is building on his brand and the aftermath, the fall-out, did not nothing but help him and his family.

I love everyone oohing, aaahing and having heart attacks over A&E "suspending' him. The word "fire" was thrown around by the Palins, the Foxes, the religious bigots, but he was not fired. And let's face it, A&E was smart to suspend him for two reasons.

      1. It shows the gays (but no mention of the African-Americans) they mean "business".
      2. It is 100% PR and they knew it would generate buzz beyond anything they could pay a                firm to handle for them. Ratings will go through the fucking roof and the percentage of                people who never heard of the show, now have.  Congrats to them.

No, I'm frustrated by the Palins, the Foxes and the religious bigots and the voice they have.

Mind you not one have touched on anything but the gay comments. I don't think they'd dare touch the civil rights ones. Let alone ones about singing and picking cotton.  They're stupid, but they're not stupid, you know?

Once again, there is NO liberal media, and if there is, their voices are silenced by these asshats. The all scream liberal media, but they need to point out to me where it is.

Save some gay blogs, I don't see any denunciation from any of the media. But the media was happy to pick up on the Palins, the Foxes and religious bigots claiming 'free speech' and 'unfair' by the liberals - whomever they may be.

I'm frustrated that most of these don't have the balls to go on anything but a Fox show to be asked hard questions. Like I said: They're stupid, but they're not stupid.

I don't use Twitter, but I saw this from JMG and it made me smile. The first smile in a day.

Palin wouldn't touch that with a 3 kilometer pole.

They are hypocrites, all of them, and that is what frustrates me the most - that they are, and no one calls them out on it even in the slightest. And when they try and ignore the question, it should be asked again and again and again and again, until they answer it or walk off the stage, showing what a fucking liar they are.

New Mexico's news should have made me happier, but these fucktards have my panties in a bunch. But on another level, I'm very happy for adding the 17th (?) state for same-sex marriage recognition.

(p.s. I like in spellcheck only a few words come up: fucktards. asshats. asswipes. Palin. Coincidence?  I think not!)

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Anonymous said...

He, you or I are free to state any opinion we wish.

...I wrote that comment on a news website...

It got 18 "vote ups" in like 10 minutes

then I replied "consequences are always a result, good bad or indifferent."

NO 'ups', 7 "down votes"

I don't understand it either...smh

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you have written. Thanks for posting this blog entry, you have expressed my thoughts on this subject as well.

Thank you,