Friday, December 16, 2022


Look, don't get the other guy's Super Hero mine!

It is from 2009*, so in this day an age, it's considered 'vintage'. 

I can NFT the fuck out of these, and my prices are HALF of what the other guys are going for. $49, and this can be yours!

For an additional $5, I'll even throw in the prototype.

In this version, I carry a brief case. 

Here's the kicker - I won't try to sell you wine, steaks, higher education, vodka, bleach for drinking, horse dewormer or Greenland.   .......or a load of horseshit, which the others are quickly eating up. 

Call now:  Operators are standing by!!!!

*in 2009, my facial hair was darker.

Song by: David Bowie


Jonny said...

A barefoot superhero?

Old Lurker said...

Sure, but will I be able to cash out your NFT in a decade for loads of cash? I have my investment portfolio to think about!