Monday, December 26, 2022

My Music Monday

The last one of 2022.  I feel like I should make it count. Yet, I feel like I don't care to make a big hoo-ha about it either. 

I'm going with a song that is four years old, but you know, just found out by me. I'm no longer the cusp of the release guy, or the one who reads / subscribes to Billboard anymore. 

"When the Night is Over" is from a band called Lord Huron. It popped up on Apple Music while I was running and ran out of my own playlist. Apple searches for similar genres, the best I can tell, and puts them in front of you to hear. This is one such song. 

The song, for lack of a better word, is hypnotic. I suppose not 'lack of', just you know lazy enough not to think harder to write this post. But it fits. 

The rhythm section is steady and consistent. The vocals are interesting enough but doesn't rise above the music at all. And the guitar. For those familiar with the Twin Peaks soundtrack or Julee Cruise's work with Angelo Badalamenti, both of whom passed away this year, there is a similar vibe in that guitar work. And it works!

I don't mean to continually bring up running, but it is the time I listen to most of my music. There are days one works on distance, some on speed. Some days, you just don't want to run, but you know.....compulsion. If I'm looking to just run for 30 at any rate, this is a good song just to zone out and keep pace. 

Everything comes together nicely. Everything stands out and yet nothing stands out. It all incorporates well. I'm kind of digging it. 

oh.....and now I need a new image for 2023 My Music Monday posts.  It's more difficult than you think. 

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Ur-spo said...

I've enjoyed learning about music this way.
A group named Lake Huron!