Friday, December 23, 2022

You Dropped a Bomb on Me

Allegedly, the Cyclone Bomb arrives by the time most of you read this tomorrow (or today, as the case may be).

4-6" of snow?  BFD. I think we got 15" last xmas day. Maybe it was New Year's?  It was a holiday. 

It's the 60mph winds I can do without.  It's the sub sub zero temps they are predicting I can do without. 

What I cannot do without is power. Should the aforementioned winds take down the power lines,'ll suck. 

You can see above how quickly it's going to drop in temps in the a.m. 41F down to 2F in 12 hours. Bother. 

I am hoping to sneak to the gym at 0500 since I can guarantee you I shan't be working out Saturday or Sunday. I won't die, I suppose, if I don't. But.......OCD, and all. 

We have fud for days should we need it. No French Toast runs to the store (milk, eggs, bread). We got that. Should it last longer than four days (and it's not supposed to), I guess we can Donner Party it. 

I was to take today off of work, but I'll be doing some work, I suppose. Hospitals still run, but getting staff there will be tricky. I tried to adjust for that yesterday, doing what we can remotely and virtually. But there will be check-ins during the day to make sure all is ok. 

On a lighter note, apparently someone is naming the snow plow trucks. Not sure if they are city, county or state. Nor do I care that much to find out.  Joshua Kerr has the best far. 

Keep warm and safe out there folks. 

Song by: the Gap Band


Raybeard said...

Your weather is making high-profile news on this side too, while we bask in unseasonably mild temps (forecast to stay this way into Jan. Sorry!) If you hear anyone saying that what you're going through proves that global warming is a hoax - and you will - will you shoot them, please! Meantime, your priority has just GOT to be keeping Shep well wrapped up. ;-)

Old Lurker said...

Let us hope there is some range between French Toast and the Donner Party!

James Dwight Williamson said...

It’s ugly everywhere just saw weather related deaths in Kansas

Travel said...

10 forecast here

Ur-spo said...

Living in Arizona has its faults but not at this time of year.
My family is struggling to get to MI from WI what sounds like hellish weather.
Someone read of some highway deaths in Ohio. Sad.