Saturday, December 17, 2022

Pet Sounds

I've given people ample time to participate without being too too nagging. We have a good selection. Some new. Some returning. All adorable. 

I love doing this annual post.  Thanks for all who joined in. 

Brenda Boxer, from Greg M. 
She made her debut here last year. She is stunning. 


Look how pretty Tasha is. She allegedly just had a brush out. You know those French girls - so high maintenance, but so worth it.  She keeps Walt around for such reasons. 

Grace and Peyton are first-timers here. Pretty & Handsome!
Dwight is their full-time servant. 

Chris sent me this beautiful shot of Luna. We don't have enough cat pics here this year. 
We need to change that. 

My friend Jon's poodles - Lilou (left) and Bruno (right). Cuties - each of them. 

Ollie - Mike and Pete's pooch. 
I only got to meet him once. He was stand-offish with me, but I still love him. 

I know I'll probably never have a chance, but I'd love to meet Harper. 
Spo & Someone love her and I adore those ears. OMG. 

Siggie is my cousin's dog.  He is a cutie - and it's a great pic. 

Meredity & Norman have Rollo and Boche. I've had the pleasure of meeting both of these dude. 

Brett US - Minnie and Rhaegar

Brett UK - Harley and Holden

Yes, the Brett referenced are the same guy. He has two sets of dogs on different continents. And yes, they're Rhodesians, as both countries seemingly have a huge Lion population problem. 

 Bob has his three:   Consuela, who is just gorgeous. Ozzo who looks like he needs cuddles all the time. And then there is Tuxedo, whom I can only assume has his own Only Fans page out there. 

Bailey!   My lord that dog. ...and my sister!
It is kind of adorable though. 

Shep's annual pic. 
For the life of me I can't figure out who Santa is. I thought I knew all the folks at daycare. 

In Memorium

Separating from a pet - a family member - is so difficult. I truly think we never forget them. We speak of Kylie, Tovah, Petey and Sophie often. Even Bonkers - my parent's cat.  Bonkers! I'm not sure I ever realized that a great name that was. 

So we shan't forget here either. 

Hounds.  They hold a special place in my heart. I love dogs, but I think we'll always have hounds. 
These two, Princess Anastasia and Nicholas the Ridiculous belonged to Will Jay.

Of course, HRH Sophie. 

I have loved all our cats, but Sophie was with us the longest and was the most interactive. And she allowed us to have dogs. And she was pretty as all get out. 

It's only been a few months, but I still look for her and still have yet to finish a cereal bowl without thinking I need to give the rest of the milk to her. I kind of hope that never goes away. 

Start planning - 2023 Annual Pet Post is a year away.  I really do appreciate all of you who joined in the fun. 

Song by: the Beach Boys


wcs said...

What a gorgeous bunch! Thanks for letting us play. :)

Old Lurker said...

Bailey made it up to the counter! Maybe her legs were not too short after all.

I still miss Sophie. And Harper is getting old too. Everybody has beautiful pets but I am glad I have none.

Raybeard said...

What a cornucopia of sheer beauties! Picking just one? NOT possible! (I'm sure to be returning to this post several times in order to fully savour these visual delights).

Travel said...

Beauty and love,

Bob said...

Great, now I have to create an Only Fans for Tuxedo.
Nice to see all the furry family members and especially lovely to see Miss Sophie again.

Anonymous said...

Sophie was a lovely cat, sadly missed. Bailey looks like a fun loving dog.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Such a fun bunch , here and far away . Thanks Blobby

Anonymous said...

Wonderful portrait of Sophie. HRH, as if there was any question!

Thank you for doing this. We get to see the caretakers of the humans.

Will Jay

Ur-spo said...

I so appreciate your pet postings. It is a joy to see all the lovely animals.
Thank you for including Harper.