Thursday, December 22, 2022

Shortest Day

I missed it being the Solstice yesterday. 

I mean, I figgered it out when I was at the gym, but then it was far too late to write about it. 

The days are getting longer - in theory. I still get to work when it's dark and leave when it's dark. Sure, it's only been a day, but I'd like!

Shorter days (nah - they're still 24 hrs) are fine. I don't have Covid, but I do believe I have a cold. But it seems I'll get nothing but rest. 

That Cyclone Bomb is supposed to hit us on Friday. I've opted not to go into the office, and probably not even work from home on Friday. I might have to alter dinner plans with my cousin on xmas - either due to the predicted -20F (avec wind chill), if the cold is still hanging on, or  both. Chinese food will have to wait - though a good hot n sour soup could clear my sinuses. 

But if stuck at home, that's ok. I've got books to read. They're weighing down my bedside table. I might be able to knock out two of them before year's end. 

That's all I got today. 

Song by: Bill Frisell


Travel said...

A day in bed reading, sounds like a great way to spend the holiday!

GregM said...

I'm in Minneapolis visiting the in-laws for Christmas (First time here. I was told December is a great time to visit). I prefer Polar Vortex over Bomb Cyclone. It sounds a lot more Christmasy.

Old Lurker said...

I hope you rest well. Cyclone Bomb is supposed to hit here too, but so far there ain't nothing.

Ur-spo said...

I shared the calendar photo with a few and they all laughed and loved it.