Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Take it Easy

The holidays were nice.  Unassuming, but nice. 

For the first time since Covid, we got to have Chinese with my cousin and his wife. My cold had mostly abated so we were good to go and opted to go for lunch as opposed to dinner. It made all the difference 

The masses descend later in the day and by the time we get there, it's a wait, as they don't take reservations on xmas. But also that late in the game, some menu items no longer exist and the staff has had enough of us.  All of us. 

Lunch proved to be great. Food was good. Service was great. No lines. No wait. Great company, and no one hurrying us out trying to turn the table Yeah, sure, the -6F might have had something to do with the smaller crowd, but you can't be sure of that. 

I did not get to see my sister. She had a procedure done and while she insisted she was up for a visit, I thought it best not to due to my would-be cold. At the time of the invite, her in-laws would be there too, and some of them anti-vaxxers.  I was in no mood for that. Ironically, one of them got Covid (shock!) and so the rest of them kind of cancelled. But I'll see my sister and at least one of her kids this week......I think. 

The rest of the time, we hunkered down due to the cold. Even dog walks were extremely brief. With wind it still got down below 0 most days. Without wind too. Not good for my face or a dog's paws Chances are, Shep turned us around first. Smart guy, he is.

You'd think "knowing" a guy for 38 years (give or take) would make him easy to gift. I'd say many years, I kind of go through the motions because many-a-time, I'm not that creative, especially at gift giving. This year, I hit it out of the park with the husband.  I wouldn't say any of it fancy or anything, but keep to mechanics, trains and maps and I am GOLDEN. 

Our problem is: we like giving each other things, but neither of us like receiving them. You'd think a Leo, like me, would love it, but I don't. Often we avoid "the day" just because no one can muster up the gumption to say, "let's open presents". And this was true this year. We opened things yesterday.  Xmas was for reading and naps. 

Even our big planned dinner, planned for the 24th, got sidetracked to last night. We were all good with it. 

Had we had guests, that would have kept us on a traditional schedule, but you know, it all works out. 

So this last four days has felt like four Sundays. I have work this week, but I'm not giving it my all. I'm not even going to work full days. As the memes say:  "It sounds like a 2023 problem".  

Indeed it does. 

Song by: Eagles

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Travel said...

Sounds like a great extended holiday weekend. I am with you on working, but not to heavily this week. I do have a book that is behind schedule.