Saturday, December 24, 2022

Nutcracker Suite

We are back to non-blog reader pets.  Sorry.  Everyone was so wonderful last week. Thanks again to all. 

Pre-blizzard photo. 
A few streets over, they are very nutcracker themed. 

Fun note:  never seen the nutcracker. I know the music from a Pizza Hut ad in Columbus:  895-1111, 895-1111, 895-1111......    It still haunts me.   (this will mean nothing to most of you, but there are a handful of people cursing me right this moment who are singing it in their head. thankyouverymuch.)

This is Abraham. 
I LOVE the name. I love the puppy. 

Shep put him in his place, which the dog walker, told us was acceptable. She's a lesbian, so she'd know!

My sister-in-law found Loganberry Bookstore. And Alice the house cat. 

We ran into Petey's (yes, Petey's) dog walker at a park. Two of the dogs are hers, The other three, not so much. You've already met Abraham. You're soon to meet Shorty. 

You can barely see a schnauzer behind Abraham. I didn't get to meet him / her.  There is a dachshund behind Dee, who was majorly introverted. The white dog is Dee's. She is blind and deaf (the dog, not the dogwalker), but she found me, jumped up on me and took lots of pets. 

This is Shorty.  He REALLY wanted to play with Shep. 
He has a genetic condition where he too will most likely be blind. You can kind of see it already in his eyes.  But he was lovely and full of life. 

Blizzard hunker-down. 
Our first attempt to go out lasted 42 seconds. He was not having it. 

It took another 10 hours before he finally had to make where he couldn't wait anymore. He was back in immediately upon finishing. No dog should be out in -6 (not including the wind). 

I walked from the gym to my car at 0645. My beard froze in the 90 seconds I was outside. 

Song by: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 


Raybeard said...

Doggie 'winners' every one - plus the winning pussy too.

Ur-spo said...

Harper hates the rain. I have to con her out of doors before she realizes the weather.

Old Lurker said...

Smart dog to stay indoors during a blizzard. It's a pity dogs cannot be trained to use indoor plumbing (although then they would probably take their humans for walks a lot less, which is bad for the humans).

I adore bookstore cats. Please travel to more bookstores and photograph all the cats for us.