Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Power to the People

I'll never say our Sunday Zoom Happy Hours™ are a downer, as they are the best part of my week (shhhhh....don't tell me husband that).  But this last week we made the mistake of getting into politics. 

BLOTUS, specifically. with hints of Ye, the Holocaust Denier, Musk and Ohio's governor.  

What a buzzkill. 

I guess we'll rip off the Band-Aid that is BLOTUS. 

Yes, by all means, let's get rid of the Constitution. 

I mean, what the fuck? Granted, it means very little these days. Ask the current SCOTUS. It might work better as Bansky Confetti Paper than an actual guiding document to a democracy / republic. 

One of us (well, not me), mentioned, that means the 2nd Amendment doesn't apply.  Fuck - it doesn't apply NOW.  It's not like that piece of paper in the National Archives is keeping semi-automatic weapons out of MURDERER Kyle Rittenhouse's hands. 

By that implication, the 5th Amendment wouldn't hold water either. So the 440 times alone he invoked it at a New York hearing couldn't happen. 

The reality is, if BLOTUS were to get the Constitution tossed, it is essentially a dictatorship. And you can cross out the word "essentially". 

My problem (well one of many) is: the media's complicity in all of this by barely mentioning it, to not mentioning it all. I was going to cite the Cleveland Plain Dealer as an example of the latter, but 2-3 days later they shoved something at the bottom of page 8.   Fuck them. 

This is how people don't care about this shit: because they don't KNOW about this shit. Hell, I try to avoid the news and I found it easily enough. Where is everyone else?  For the most part the GOP remains silent.  S-H-O-C-K-I-N-G. 

Almost as shocking at Kanye's intertwining of a Star of David and a swastika. Which is to say, my attempts at sarcasm are not coming across the page that easily on this. 

Honestly, I'm more surprised that Musk kicked West off of Twitter (temporarily, I suppose) instead of giving him an executive VP title. 

And don't give me the fucking line that BLOTUS didn't know the guy he had over to dinner was a Holocaust denier. You think everyone who goes to his Florida cesspool motel isn't vetted within an inch of their life. The guy marched in Charlottesville.......he was one of "very fine people" who rallied against Jews while carrying tiki torches. 

For fuck sake - if you're for hate, just say so. Ditto with the fucker at SCOTUS listening to some whiney breeder about not doing a gay wedding on their website. Stop cloaking in religion and say you just hate this or that. Oddly enough, I'll actually respect you for it more. 

I'm not even in the mood to get into Ohio's governor backing the dismantling of the Ohio Dept of Education. Rick DeSantis, anyone?  Or the Proud Boys and their dick extenders semi-automatic weapons, coming to intimidate drag queen reading to children. And they won. Not enough from the police our even our community showed up enough to say 'fuck you' to them. 

Of course, they weren't "proud". All, or almost all, hit their faces behind their hood........ooops, I mean, masks and bandanas. Proud enough to carry a rifle, scared enough to lose their jobs or have their neighbors officially know their assholes. 

I'm annoyed.  Can you tell? 

And it's only the 6th day of the month. 

Song by: Patti Smith

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Old Lurker said...

Cheer up. We have another two years of this nonsense to look forward to!

Personally I am upset by the rhetoric that "Oh, Donald Trump says things and you can't take everything he takes seriously" from the Repubs. Really? We want to re-elect a president who just "says things"?

My feeling is that establishment Republicans really don't want Tr*mp as their nominee, but I think that was the case last time too.