Sunday, December 11, 2022


I'm a little lazy today. 

A few weeks ago, someone on FB asked a general question if anyone was going to the new Avatar movie. I saw the first one on January 1, 2010. Yes, I remember the date. So a new one is coming out 13 years later. 

I don't remember it being good enough to see a second time, or visit their corner of some theme park - or good enough that it deserved a corner of some theme park. I certainly am not all that interested in seeing the sequels. 

Yes. S.  Plural. 

James Cameron is giving us 3-4 additional Avatar movies. 


No one asked for that. Literally no one. 

Even the greediest or most hopeful studio exec is smart enough to know that each one isn't going to make $3,000,000,000 like the first one. Of course, when these were conceived, there was no such thing as Covid-19 and movie theaters actually had people in them. Not so much anymore. 

The only reason I'm for them is so Sigourney Weaver can make some dough. I think she died in the first one, but it's sci-fi and there is money to be made. They can bring her back,  I'm sure. 

It just won't be my money.  

But then I remembered that SNL did a skit that is Avatar adjacent with Ryan Gosling.  I gotta give it to Gosling (and would, given the chance!), but he totally commits to the segment.  And this is like 5-6 years old at this point.  But this is my laziness - you get an SNL video, but the bonus is: Ryan Gosling. 

Song by: Dead Can Dance


Old Lurker said...

Font jokes seem pretty 5-6 years ago. I am tempted to make a Comic Sans joke here but the Blogger comment field is too strict.

Old Lurker said...

Also it isn't as if the SNL skit didn't make the joke already. But I bet there is a fandom wetting its collective pants for these new movies.

Raybeard said...

For the original 'Avatar' I took a train 25 miles to see it in 70m, but came back feeling it hadn't been anything like worth the trouble. This sequel won't be enough to get me returning to the cinema, ANY cinema, after what has now become a more than 3 year absence.
And Sigourney Weaver resurrected AGAIN?! Well, fuck me sideways with a chainsaw! Even for Jesus just the once was enough!

James Dwight Williamson said...

I like the first , not sure how much it will stretch. Disney is betting on Pandora or someone is

Ur-spo said...

I did not see the first one. I get motion sickness from large quick-moving films on a large screen.