Saturday, December 03, 2022

Ain't Too Proud to Beg

You know folks............tick tick tick.  Some of you have gotten your pet pictures in to me, but I know there is more of you. I've started reaching out to folks to submit. It's fun and an insight to readers and other bloggers. 

But now...........on with today's show. 

Master Manipulator of the Kitchen. 
It's those eyes, I tellz ya. 

This is Dakota. I know that now. 

I met her up at the vet when I went to pick up some meds for Shep. She was found roaming alone. The person who found her brought her to see if she was chipped (she wasn't. please do it to your pet!). 

I took pics, got contact info and went into saviour mode.  I posted it a few places myself. I also got a lesson from the office on how not to post.  It's post a partial picture only. Make them show you a full picture to match markings that are not shown in your photo. Make the respondent tell you the gender and name of the dog. Apparently a lot of folks take dogs who are not theirs. 

Turns out the woman walked the dog later that evening near where she had found it. The owners were out looking for her. And told her the name was Dakota.  She was a sweetie. I'd have taken her home for sure. 

Shep (maybe all hounds?) isn't a head out of the car window when the car is in motion. 
But here is his waiting for me to return. 710 let down the window so he'd have a better view.

710 and his sister - post Thanksgiving. 
Nothing fell on the floor.  The horror.  The HORROR!!!

Shep got a big tree not to pee on. 

Song by: the Temptations


Raybeard said...

All so nice, all predictably satisfying.
Looking forward to your posting of submissions of cuties, some new - only wishing it'd been poss for me to contribute this year.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Interesting suggestions on missing posters

Bob said...

Our tree went up and the cats instantly took to nesting beneath it.

Travel said...

Thanks we needed that. 710 came close to being seen on the blog.

Ur-spo said...

Dog eyes are their most barbarous weapon.