Saturday, December 31, 2022

A Year in Pictures

2022 is essentially in the books. One more year semi-documented in images. 

Most are new to the blog - though there are a small number of resubmits. Some maybe have made an appearance on Facebook or Instagram. Some never seen at all. These don't fully encapsulate the year, but just some fun or artsy-like images I have taken over the last 12 months.

January 2022 - a metaphor for the year that had been and was to come. 

January 2022 - peaceful coexistence.

January 2022 - indeed it was. indeed I did. 

January 2022 - first part of what would be a long, hard...........Winter.

February 2022 - the Winter continues. There will be no respite. 

February 2022 - the ice and zoomies were also responsible for an injury Shep sustained. He scared me. 

February 2022 - I had to keep him close by. And he's a handy place to rest my glasses. 

February 2022 - my girlfriend for life. 

March 2022 - Jeep in my lot.  Everything about this frightens the fuck out of me. 
.....and it is exactly what M3RIKA is today.

March 2022 - Full moon partially obscured. 

March 2022 - no double, but a great full bow apres rain. 

March 2022 - first day at fat camp the gym. 
Chunky Monkey Blobby strives to be thinner. 

April 2022 - Shep's annual Olin Mills portrait at Daffodil Hill. 

April 2022 - found the Weasley twins graves. 

April 2022 - don't know who this is, but LOVE them. 
Happy to pay for all their window replacements. 

April 2022 - my one repeat from the blog. This dude still cracks me up. 

May 2022 - an apt metaphor for the state of the State.

May 2022 - fun with flowers. 

May 2022 - arguably my artiest of photos for the year. 
No filter needed. 

May 2022 - Chicago.
Butt Onions and laser angel. 
Taken in Chicago on the way home from dinner with my nephew. 

May 2022.  Chicago. 
2nd genital photo during this trip.  

May 2022 - Chicago. 
Dinner with Doug. 
Friends since 1989. Not a great shot of either of us, but I'll take it. Love this man to pieces. 

May 2022 - Chicago. 
710 says this should be my credo. He's probably not wrong - unfortunately. 

May 2022 - the escape artist. 

May 2022 - Cleveland. 
Uvalde school shooting silent memorials. 
Dozens set up over Cleveland. I'm assuming elsewhere, as well. 

June 2022 - not a photo, but a screen capture.
I found this to be one of the most poignant and important social medial posts of 2022. 

June 2022 - Columbus bus stop. 
I know Bruce Dooley and this is an accurate representation of him. I admit I laughed when I saw it. 

June 2022 - Columbus
I call this 'Paintball Jellyfish #6'.  I'm guessing unintended street art. 

June 2022 - Columbus. 
Sprinkler-induced rainbow on Pride Weekend. 

June 2022 - Columbus.
Best friends for life. First get together of all of us since 2013. A great time was had by most. 
I kid. By all. 

July 2022 -  I might have a gym crush.  
He doesn't know it.  And yes, I'm shameless. I get it. 

July 2022 - View from a weight bench.  
Leg day is easier for me, by far, and I can move more weight, but I enjoy chest day better. 
.....not that it seems to be greatly changing things. 

July 2022 - Beachwood. 
The city has been decorating their utility boxes. For some reason I love the Aplaca that is at stop light. 

July 2022 - Flirting with danger
Sophie in Shep's toy box / bed. It was a dangerous game. She never paid the price. 

July 2022 - Chardon, OH
While out heading to a practice site, I came across some true Americana. 
No one was at the drive-in, so I drove in and took a few pics. 

August 2022 - Bay Village, OH
Bright orange mushrooms.  

August 2022 - Washington DC
Absolutely horrible statistics at the Hirschhorn. At least they had the guts to post them. 

August 2022 - Washington DC. 
First time (and probably the only one) at the Washington Zoo. I
t was mainly for these guys. I'd never seen pandas before. 

August 2022 - Washington DC. 
Used the Metro a lot. I was a gimp while there. The train made it a lot easier. 

August 2022 - Washington DC
Split shot. Different arcane laws kept popping up while in the Metro. 
BTW - I whistled in a public restroom, on purpose. Never arrested. 

August 2022 - Wrightsville Beach, NC. 
The guy with the 8-pack, outside our place. We watched him for a while. I dubbed him 'Jakob'. 
He truly was something to see. 

August 2022 - Wrightsville Beach, NC. 
High noon shot facing South.  No filter. 
My second artiest shot of the year. 

August 2022 - somewhere in Virginia
Spread the word. Not that it would deter his faction from voting for him. 

September 2022 - Wrightsville Beach, NC. 
...and now my third artsy shot. 
Abandoned Sun Flowers #1

September 2022 - Wrightsville Beach, NC
Sunrise from our deck. 

September 2022 - Stung.
My jellyfish / man-o-war stings got increasingly worse over the course of three weeks post sting.

September 2022 - Wrightsville Beach, NC
I was just fascinated nightly by the stars and such. I think if you click on it, you'll see a better image. There is only so much an iPhone can do. 

September 2022 - Wooster, OH
Georty and I met Girl Jackie, who was visiting from Australia, for lunch.  And beer. 

September 2022 - HRH
Liz. She's not dead. Just in Cleveland. She seems fine.

September 2022 - HRH
This is not my last pic of Sophie, but one of the last. No offense to anyone, but no one but 710 and I get to see her last images. We miss her. A lot. 

October 2022 - Weird.
Two chairs in the woods at a cliff. 

Hard to get perspective, but about 8' in front of those chairs, it's a sheer drop off. 

October 2022 - the Thinker
Cleveland Museum of Art. 

One of what I'm guessing are 2.036 versions out there. Even the Toledo, OH museum has one. Standford University too.   Ours is different. Our didn't fart big time, that 'unrefined' back part is bomb damage. Someone eons ago tried to blow it up. 

October 2022 - East Cleveland, OH
Well, it was possible for someone to get up there and write that. 

October 2022 - Cleveland
That seems more like something you'd see at and Adult Playground - not a school one. 

October 2022 - Cleveland
My 4th and final 'artsy' shot of the year. Dog and all. 

November 2022 - Cleveland.
One tree. Looks like two. Weird how the middle lost its leaves first. 

November 2022 - Cleveland
Where our former house once sat.  Gone. Completely. 

November 2022 - Cleveland. 
Jury Duty. I wasn't needed. But I read a book. 

November 2022 - Strongsville, OH
My first 5K. Post run. 31:28. 

December 2022 - the last leaf. 
Holding on for dear life after everyone else is gone 

December 2022 - Eerie. 
The full moon behind the cloud. The green glow off someone's holiday lights. Seems more Halloween than Christmas. 

December 2022 - Metallica !!!
Georty took me to a holiday party in Colmumbus. The hosts / house had 30-40 aluminum trees set up. 

December 2022 - Froze Over. 
Major cold snap in the 216 (and everywhere else).  The lower Shaker Lake froze over and guys were playing hockey on it. In 25 years, I've never seen anyone skate on this late. 

December 2022 - Fat Camp
Day 276 at the gym.  
Down 17 lbs.  6 still to go, so maybe by the time I get to my first full year back at the gym. 
Sure, you can scroll back up to compare the fatter me to this pic. 

One more trip around the sun, captured in a handful of images. 


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos and your cat fans will not forget Sophie.

Hope you both have a very happy new year.

Raybeard said...

A most attractive sequence, that adjective depending on subject in question. But, oh, dear little Sophie - much missed and never to be forgotten.
Wishing all three of you a most 2023 throughout, with a significant improvement, in whichever way required, over the year on its way out.

Old Lurker said...

Don't tell anyone, but I miss HRH too. I had also forgotten about the jellyfish (?) stings, but boy howdy those pictures were a good reminder.

Thank you for entertaining us for another year.

Calvin said...

Great Post to end the year! Missing my Saturday morning girl too. All the best for 2023.

Ur-spo said...

I enjoyed this a lot.
May 2023 be good for you
Let it see more male nudes at the art museum.