Sunday, December 18, 2022


I'm not drunk drunk or anything, just up WAY past my bed time. 

I blame Georty. They MADE me come to Columbus and take me to holiday parties. I had a lot  some of wine, but spaced out over like six hours, so it's really nothing. 

More on this maybe later. But I have one question.....maybe two: 

1. Why don't I have an xmas ornament of Q?

2. Where can one get an xmas ornament of Q? 

Yes, I know I can Goooooooogle search it, but I'm not drunk drunk.   

Just drunk. 

Tipsy, really. 

Song by: the Brothers Johnson


Travel said...

It will all be better in the morning

Old Lurker said...

Driving while tired is also hazardous.

You don't have a Christmas ornament of Q because you have better taste than that. Jean-Luc? Sure. Quark? Absolutely -- there is nobody who represents the spirit of Christmas better. But Q?

James Dwight Williamson said...

I thought Q was the man that invented things for James Bond , not the Maga wretches!