Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Our Lips are Sealed

I could write about the January 6th hearing / charges shit, but that's what it probably is: shit.  

A new House coming in two weeks, nothing is going to get done, things swept under the rug. BLOTUS is telling the far right fringes to support McCarthy as Speaker. You know that is done with quid pro quo. I trust none of them - and the Dems were stupid enough to run it down to the clock instead of making the impact months ago. 

There. I'm done with that. 


I am bummed to hear about Terry Hall's passing.  If you don't know the name, you might know him as a founding member of both Fun Boy Three and the Specials (not in that order, actually). 

Yes, I'm still an '80's guy, so those two bands still mean something to me. And to a lot of you too - even if you are unaware. 

Hall co-wrote what is mostly known as a Go-Go's song, "Our Lips are Sealed".  Jane Wiedlin and Hall wrote most of it by mail. Sending lyrics and music back and forth. By mail mail.  Not email.  We're talking writing it down, sealing it, stamping, sending it across an ocean and waiting for a response. 

Fun Boy Three recorded (or at least released) the song almost two years after the Go-Go's did. It is not as poppy as the girl's version. Words and verses and switched around - which he can do, you know.......cause half was his. 

But FBT also did a few songs with Bananarama and had hits on their own. Hall was with The Specials when his biggest hit would be written. Both bands were rooted in Ska and both had presence on my playlists. 

While death is a bummer for sure, it's just frightening that Hall died at 63!  Depeche Mode's founding member died at 60. It's all too real, it's all to close.........and it's all my cohort.  Well, at least in age. 

I won't lie - it's a little daunting to see people you "know" start to take their big dirt naps. Maybe this workout thing isn't the way to go. As I heard someone says, "being healthy is the longest way of dying". 

True That. 

If you haven't heard the non-Go-Go's version of today's post title, here it is for you right now. 

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