Monday, December 05, 2022

My Music Monday

I don't think I made it horribly clear in my post on football / soccer the other day:  I don't care one way or another for it.  I'm sure I played it in PE, and I've been to a game from one of my 22 years ago!

I have never been to a pro game, though allegedly, the 216 is getting a pro soccer team.  Oooh and Ahhhh, if you must, but honestly, I don't care. But I don't want to pay for their new stadium for sure. 

The world loves the World Cup though. I don't get the fascination, but it's there. 

Our song today has the World Cup as background piece.  "England 2 Colombia 0", by Kirsty MacColl is from her final album Tropical Brainstorm.  

In the latter part of her career / life, MacColl really started to take to Brazilian music themes. You see a bit of it in Electric Landlady, but it progresses, and Brainstorm has a lot of horns and such on the disk. It works. 

The song is about a might be blossoming relationship that goes bad on one date. The first date. The soccer match is on at the pub for said rendezvous. When you think about it, Kirsty's reaction is a bit over the top for a first date gone bad. It makes me think there are underlying problems. 

While the "Colombia - 0" looks liked "zero", the song title, is actually "England 2 Colombia Nil". Or as she sings, "Eng-a-land 2 Colombia Nil". 

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