Sunday, January 01, 2023

World Go 'Round

I swear, 2022 seemed worse than 2020 and 2021. 

I totally get I'm alter cocker, but the lack of movement on anything positive in terms of politics or social niceties is just disturbing to my core.  Losing Sophie didn't help matters for us, but I'm hoping there are more cats in our future. 

Yet here we are, embarking on another 365. I don't know what it all holds, but I suspect a lot more of the same. Division and hatred reign and as I've said before, it is so deep at this point, I don't expect to see any healing in my lifetime. That's not rhetoric or hyperbole, I think it's just a very sad truth.  So now it's up to me on how I navigate this without eating antidepressants for every meal. 

This here blog wraps up 20 years of writing in March (for the first time, I forgot to do an anniversary post in 2022), and on to starting year 21. This is post 6,580! I still haven't decided an exit strategy for this thing. Maybe there isn't one. 20 seems like a great number to call it quits, but I'm not sure I'm ready to do just that. 

Unlike most years, I put myself on the hot seat with a resolution:  reading more. 

In 2022, I got back into reading - and mostly fiction at that. I have struggled with getting into the groove of fiction a lot. With the help of friends, we somewhat started our off and on book club at the top of last year. They've been decent recommendations. The last book spurred me to get a book that is mentioned in the one I was reading. And now I have a night stand of 4 books to be read. One is partially read, the other three untouched - so read I shall. 

Exercise isn't a resolution. I have some goals, but they won't be posted here. Not ahead of time. Should I reach any of the 2-3, I shall inform you justly. 

Enough of the gloom and doom. 

As always, you know (?) I break down the blog year by the numbers.  I'm not convinced they are accurate, but Blogger Analytics is all I gots. 

  • Number of posts: 365. 
  • Number of unique page views: 147,853, down, down a whopping 36.4% views from 2021. Maybe it is time to give up this ghost! 
  • Month with most page views: March 2022 with 15,748. 
  • Number of comments:  823. That is an 32.2% decrease from last year.
  • Top posts of 2022: What can I say?  Animals pretty much ruled the top entries for the last year.  

Top Posts of all time seems relatively unchanged. 

Top Referrers?  Well Gooooooogle says so, but Jim and Jimbo haven't been operational in years, so who the fuck knows.  But thanks to Bob for being the only current blogger who made the list. Well, except for "other', maybe. 

I think that's what I got for today.  Let's take this day-by-day and see how it goes. 

Song by: No Doubt


Old Lurker said...

I'm sorry your comment count is down. It did not help that Anne-Marie died in 2021. She was a reliable one-a-day commenter.

Anonymous said...

Keep the faith I enjoy reading your blog, don't give up yet.

Happy new year. Patrick

Travel said...

Happy New Year!

Ur-spo said...

I enjoyed reading your stats; I ought to do likewise. It is curious fun to know these things
365 posts - good for you! This sounds discipline

I too thought of Ann Marie when I read of comments down. She was the #1 commentor for me.