Saturday, January 14, 2023


Today i all Shep; all the time.  

The first work week of the new year and the first full week in about the last month. The re-entry wasn't all it could be. There were not many opportunities for other animal pics.  

We didn't even really come across neighbor dogs either, but with Winter, the walks are in the dark as it is. Only two months and one week until Spring!

Shep loves loves loves his puppaccino. 
His nose is too wide for the cup, so at some point we cut down the cup so he can get it all. 

He's also VERY demanding about leaving daycare faster faster faster. 
I like to dawdle and say 'hi' to the other dogs. 

Sister Batrille (sp) ears up at Lake Erie. 
The Solstice Steps always has a breeze.  I love this look. 

Hike in the snow. 
Our would be 8" came out to somewhere between a dusting and a half inch. But it was slushy, so he got a walk around a lake. 

Song by: Joseph


Old Lurker said...

Sigh. Thanks for reminding us of how much more W*nter we have in store.

Shep will have to learn to be patient so you can greet the other daycare dogs and snap discreet pics for your Saturday posts.

Raybeard said...

No matter the weather, Shep knows a walk is unquestionably obligatory. It's in his DNA.

Travel said...

And with Sheps short legs 8 inches is a real challenge.

Bob said...

Shep does like to be on top of things. Better views??

James Dwight Williamson said...

Love that let me out of daycare attitude

Ur-spo said...

life can't be too bad when a happy hound is by your side.