Monday, January 09, 2023

My Music Monday

Peter Gabriel has some new music out. His first album of original material was about 21 years ago. 

"Panopticom" is a song from his possibly sometime in 2023 album release i/o.   
It's somewhat typical Gabriel. Multiple moods in one song, lots of instrumentation that with others would be off-beat, but is normal for him.

No one has, or does, make music like Gabriel. No one sounds like him. I like that. 

The song starts low. Muted. But it opens up. And it all works. 

I don't know that 'panopticom' is a word. "Panopticon" is. But I won't quibble. I'm not trying to make sense of the song. It's just nice to hear him. 

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Travel said...

Good to have something new, it is different.