Thursday, January 19, 2023


Oh no - Julian Sands is missing. 

I fell in "love" with him back in 1985 (?) when first seeing Room with a View at the Paris theatre in New York City. 

Technically, this would be my second independent film. It would take months for it to reach Columbus, where I forced others to go see it with me. They didn't enjoy Edwardian behaviour or period pieces. 

No doubt they've seen everything Downton and loved loved loved it. 

Anyhooo......Sands went hiking in Southern California and hasn't been seen since.  Poor chap. 

Flash floods? Mudslides?  Mountain Lions? 

Or is he just holed up at a friend's house drinking Little Kings and eating Pringles, and forgot about the time?  I mean, we've all been I right? 

Julian never looked as good as he did in E.M. Forester adaptations. And I think he was robbed (I tellz ya!) when not getting the title role in Maurice.  I mean, I don't even know if he was up for it, but if you had read the book, he seemed to fit perfectly for it. 

After that, it was mostly character acting, which was fine and pays the bills.  But look how dreamy he was.  Of course, Helena Bonham-Carter shined in Room with a View too. It is still a great movie. Bet you don't even remember that Dame Judi Dench is in it. She's a national treasure. Not our nation, but still.........

I hope it's just a badly twisted ankle and no cell service that is causing his inability to get home. So far drones and dogs have not been able to locate him. 

Honestly, I had nothing provide today, but when one can use an image like the one above, well......sometimes you just craft the words around that. 

Song by: Everything but the Girl


Raybeard said...

Worrying indeed. Here's hoping.

James Dwight Williamson said...

People should hike on the sidewalk, although I wish him well!