Monday, January 16, 2023

My Music Monday

No theme. Not even 'shuffle' this week. Just something that popped up on Apple Music a week or three ago when I was running. 

I don't know from White Lies or anything, and doubtful I'll trip over them much outside of "to Lose My Love". I kept the song on because it had a decent rhythm section and I could keep pace to it. So I loaded it to a playlist. 

Sad as it may seem, much of my music these days revolves not around the gym as much as it a subject of the gym - or outside the gym when it comes to running. 

I've been much more liberal about what I add, even if it's not what I'd call a great song. It serves a greater purpose and hopefully, I find redeeming value in it - and if nothing else, for a few weeks or more, it's something new in which to listen. 

As I craft different playlists for different runs, I'm just as quick to delete a song if it doesn't serve my purpose. Harsh for sure. It's not that I don't like a song, it's just not the correct setting. 

As for "to Lose My Love" the theme struck me.  

If you retain some of the crap I write over the last two decades (!), it has a recurring theme of death - and with 710, which one of us goes first and how we deal with that. I was anxiety ridden over that during the first 4-6 months of Covid - maybe until there was a vaccine.    .....and you wonder why I'm on anti-depressants. 

The opening line of the song addresses this: "to lose my life / or lose my love / that's the nightmare I've been dreaming of". 

That really is it: one goes first. So either you die, or they do. 

The chorus takes a less morbid view.......kind of.   "let's grow old together / and die at the same time". 

Honestly, that is the best case scenario. 

The song has an '80's goth-ish vibe, but it works. I don't know I'd play it outside of a run, but you never know. 

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Travel said...

A very deep subject, for those of lucky enough to have a long term love, what happens when.