Thursday, January 05, 2023

Our House

 I am love-hating this GOP Speaker / No Speaker thing going on 

Two days (so far); six votes (so far):  no Speaker of the House.  As always, the GOP seems to win and yet are still in complete disarray. How is the first part even possible. 

All of those potentially up for the job are pure slime. I'm super happy that Kevin McCarthy is now a six-time loser. 

First off - totally pro-insurrection. Secondly, BLOTUS wants him as Speaker, I'm guessing to stop any investigation, let alone sanction. But I called that a week or two ago. 

Still, with the far right not behind McCarthy, other names are being thrown not just into the ring, but being put up for a vote - including multiple rape enabler, Jim Jordan..........another pro-insurrectionist. Though let's be fair: except for the two GOP folks were on the January 6th Task Force, every GOP in the House is  pro-insurrection. 

It does not matter who wins - it's going to be a shit show for the country, the dems and especially Hunter Biden.  They have nothing on his father, so they're just going to chip away at that. It's distraction / deflection from having any sort of real agenda. The election was all about Pappy Joe's inflation. Nary a word uttered about 'inflation' since the actual election day.  SHOCK!  Not. 

Maybe it'll only be for two years.  Less, if they can't actually select a leader. That would be fucking great. 

I do love the above picture. I'm just assuming that child predator (who TOTALLY gives off QUEER vibes!) is doing a scene from his high school performance of West Side Story, where he's the faggy Shark. And the audience watching is still larger than the school's auditorium.  ....and it's probably where his girlfriend still has study hall. 

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Raybeard said...

I've been following this rivetting saga via YouTube with a mix of disbelief and delight. It's also been making it onto our daily international news. Oh dear! At least it just couldn't be happening to more deserving people. (Tee hee!)

James Dwight Williamson said...

It’s pointless, I don’t watch it. Kevin McCarthy is slime and as you said probably has fealty to Fatso. It won’t end well a completely wasted Congress , beginning to end!

Travel said...

Self destruction, couldn't be a more deserving crowd.

Old Lurker said...

I still have no idea what is going on. It's time to find an explainer, I guess. But if that dude is a Shark then I am forever a Jet.