Tuesday, January 31, 2023


We are CRUSHING this year's movie goal of 15.  It is only January, and we are one-fifth of the way there.  

Yeah yeah - I know this will peter out after award season. Even before. But hopefully we can make a dent in the would-be total so I can just eke it out at the end. 

We had every intention of seeing Everything Everywhere All at Once last summer, but it was gone from the theaters last summer, as we missed that window. Apparently it's on Hulu which I considered getting for a month so we could see it, but a friend mentioned it was on Showtime through Hulu.  Fuck that. 

As it turns out, due to the multiple Oscar nominations the film received, it's back at our art theater. Probably the giga-plex too. So on Sunday afternoon, for the single showing, we went to see it. 

I'd give you a synopsis, but I'm 100% sure I cannot do it justice - at least where it makes sense. Think Inception on acid.  Meta multiverses. 

Honestly, had I been the slightest bit high, I would have been "WHOA!".  Perhaps had I been the slightest bit high, I would have gotten it more than I did. It's trippy. Maybe Crazy Matrix-y Asians like, 

While the movie certainly doesn't defy description, it's one of those films that are best left up to each individual to dissect. Trying to craft that here would take time - and I still wouldn't do it justice. 

A few weeks back, I mentioned that movie making must be enormously complex, to have a story and shots in your head and getting them to screen.  With EEAaO, multiply that by a trillion.  

There are shots that last 2-3 seconds long, while jumping time and/or wardrobe. How one gets that from brain to paper to screen, even in a semi-coherent state, is beyond me. 

Michelle Yeoh is great - and probs deserves the Oscar. Stephanie Hsu (who is Mae, in the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) should too. I loved her. No offense to Jamie Lee Curtis. I like her and all, but I have to believe there were better, stronger performances by a supporting female out there. 

And that kid from the second / horrible Indiana Jones movie, is all grown up and no longer Kate Capshaw-bad at acting. Not at all. It only took him 40 years to learn his craft, I suppose. Which is more than I can say for Kate. 

Everything is worth seeing, even for the "whoa" factor. 

2023 Movie Count / Goal: 03 of 15

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Old Lurker said...

If you go to the theater and watch it again (perhaps the slightest bit high) then does that count as movie 04 for the year?

GregM said...

Husband doesn't want to see this one so I'm going to have to watch it alone.

He's really looking forward to "The Golden Girls Go To The Super Bowl" though.