Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Another Day

Ahhhh......the first "real" post of the year.  Kind of. 

I didn't have much anyway, as it was a holiday weekend, And I'm coming off our weekly drinking Zoom call. I had to go from that to cooking dinner to crafting and drafting this. 

Not much to expound upon. I haven't been at work for three days and it seems like three weeks. I kind of dread going back.  There is that looming $800,000.000 lotto, for which I have a ticket.  Fingers crossed. 

New Years Eve was never a thing. It never is. We don't go out to parties, or actually, we're not invited to them. There had been a few NYD open houses to which we used to go, but you know........Covid.  If the parties in part have reinstated these shindigs, we have fallen off the guest list. 

Probably mores the better. Poor 710 would have to drive home from one of them. I was fine to "hang" by the bar and drink my weight in alcohol. One of them was in our old hood, so I could "walk" home, but we don't live there anymore, there is no obligation to invite us any longer. The other?  Honestly, one of the hosts likes me; his husband?  Not so much. So I don't really expect to be invited. 

On New Year's Day, we ended up at my sister's house. We would see her at Bow Wow Beach with Bailey throughout the year, but not regularly. But honestly we hadn't seen her husband since July!  As she just had total knee replacement surgery, she was going nowhere, and we brought in food, as we certainly didn't expect her to entertain.  

My weekend consisted mostly of running.  Maybe too much so. I have blisters on three of the toes on my left foot. Luckily for me, today is not a running day, so hopefully all will be healed by Wednesday. A boy can dream. 

Welcome to 2023!  Where hopefully the contents of a post will pick up, 

Song by: Paul McCartney


Old Lurker said...

You visited your sister? Does that mean we get some special pictures this Saturday? Oh boy!

Ur-spo said...

this sounds like an fine ok way to start the year/the month/the week.