Saturday, January 28, 2023


Shep Day.  I have no other pets or animals to show today.  Good thing he's a handsome dude. 

He watching other - better trained - dog run up at the school. 
They can be trust not to keep running and to come back. He can't. 

Rule Breaker.
Kind of. We went no further. 

Shep take over any seating area he so chooses. 
We let him. 

Too cold for an outdoor picnic, but we will grab lunch and eat at a park - in the car - before going on our hike.   He's hoping for a hand-out.  


Song by: Interpol


Raybeard said...

Handsome boy!

Travel said...

Who could resist those big brown eyes

Old Lurker said...

There are consequences to being untrustworthy.