Sunday, January 08, 2023

Shot Down

A new year, a new shooting. Possibly killing. There isn't a determination on if the teacher will live. 

By accounts, the teacher had reprimanded the student on his behaviour.  The next day he brought in a gun and shot her. 


I did post on social media that we can stop pretending to cloak our gun violence issues on 'mental illness'. It's a bullshit excuse and it always has been. 

While clearly there are parental issues going on here - we have a gun problem. Plain and simple. 

Of course, it's not so simple. You think it would be. But it really isn't that hard either. Believe it or not, the problem isn't insurmountable. 

I'd say this kid has his college entrance essay all written, but who are we kidding, this kid isn't going to juvie or college. This wasn't a whim on the kid's part. It was calculated - and yes, even for a 6 year old. If he goes into the foster system, or if he's scared in whatever institution in which they've placed him, I'm not sorry for whatever tears he sheds. 

I'm assuming - and hoping - the teacher's family goes after the kid's family and takes them for all their worth, which I'm guessing is about $238.  The gun was probably the fanciest thing they owned. 

.....and the kid got it. Easily. 

On a Family Guy episode, Stewie & Brian become a folk duo who write songs from a child's point of view. Most of them a humourous.   This one, is just spot on.   (I think it should start in the right place and it's only a few seconds long.)

Song by: Yeah Yeah Yeahs


Raybeard said...

Only a matter of time (though surely someone has already done it), before the teacher is blamed for being shot. And, of course, usual form will be to somehow sully her name anyway.

Travel said...

So many things going on in this case, but bottom line is a 6 year old had access to a loaded handgun.

Old Lurker said...

What an awful story. I am sorry for whatever tears the kid sheds.