Saturday, July 02, 2022


I'm tired of saying it was a tough week, but it was. Work and SCOTUS have been kicking my ass.  ...and not in that good way.  Dogs and Cats make it better. 

We made our first 2022 visit to Bow Wow Beach. 
Bailey (and my sister) were waiting for us. Bailey hasn't seen Shep since December 2021. She never left his side. 

Soph's evening hang-out. 

We certainly got ourselves non-water, water dog. 
There isn't a body of water he won't try to go into......and usually succeeds. 

When we picnic during the weekends, Shep gets a dog-bagel. 

So refined. 

Sound up. 

This went on for-ever. 

Song by: Florence + the Machine


Raybeard said...

Bailey must have been overjoyed at meeting up with her old pal again after so long. She'll have missed having a tail to wag.
And Sophie.......ever the Sphinx-like feature.

Travel said...

How sweet, thank you for sharing again,

Anonymous said...

Bailey seems to be enjoying herself, but Sophie looks her usual cool self.

Bob said...

I love a water dog, and love a cat with the good manners to cross her legs when seated on the floor.

anonymous said...

I live 5 minutes from Bow Wow Beach. Glad you enjoyed it.
When I had my Rottweiler, we walked there all the time.
Now we frequently drive though just to see the pooches. Down to a cat these days.
Paranormal John

James Dwight Williamson said...

Love the Bailey energy

Ur-spo said...

Shep is a proper dog viz. likes the water.
Ours wont go near even a puddle.