Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Rape Me

I hate Ohio and almost all of their representatives. This might include both sides of the aisle, though that left side is pretty sparse in the Buckeye state anymore. 

It should surprise no one - save a few - that any one of our "leaders" doubted the fact that a 10 yo girl was raped and had to have an abortion in a neighboring state.  Those "few" would at least be our State Attorney General, Governor and a House Rep / Rape Enabler (Jim Jordan). 

On some level they didn't just doubt the entire thing, but the pieces parts too. One being that there was a rape 

Hey - Fellas.  Here. Is. The. Thing. 

No matter HOW a 10 year old gets pregnant:  IT IS RAPE !

Incest: rape.  Intruder: rape.  Dad is the same age as the victim: rape. 

Then there is Indi-fucking-ana trying to go after the doctor. The doctor who is boarded and trained to do these necessary procedures. The doctor who has filed all the correct paperwork in the allotted time with all the required documentation hundreds of times. Just not on a 10 year old out of stater..........after a SCOTUS decision. 

Indiana powers that be - no Mike Pence, because he has no power, want to revoke this physician's license. You know - for following their state laws. You can be the Indiana legislature will be changing said laws post haste. 

But Jordan's text renouncing the kid, the rape, the abortion, the story magically disappeared after - ta da - police identified and caught the rapist.  DeWine and Yost (Governor and AG) has yet to reply to requests for comments. 

Yost is most the disturbing, as you know - he kind of heads "law" for the state. He's a douchebag. They all are. 

FOX "news" of course, doubted it all too. But they changed their tune to broadcast an alien in this country was the rapist. 

I don't remember FOX - or any media - call Jeffrey Epstein a rapist. He was white don'tcha know - and the media said "he had sex with underage girls". 


g-d for-fucking-bid someone actually calls out a white male on this, especially anyone in power. 

Of course, I'm not surprised by Jordan's denial of knowing about rape. He's made a fucking career out of it while watching boys wear singlets and rolling around on a mat and getting sexually abused by the team doctor. He probably got more than one rectal exam from that doc himself. 

This all begs though:  WHY does anyone know this child had (and had to have) an abortion ?  Was there a press release?  Did someone from the state leak it after the appropriate paperwork was completed?  Did a staff in the procedure area talk? Doubtful mother of the child or the child had a press conference. 

So, now it's only not only more difficult to seek services for family planning, it is now less private than it was. "They" will make sure everyone knows your business. 

Fine. But two can play at that game. 

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Old Lurker said...

The doctor (Dr Caitlyn Bernard) provided the anecdote about administering an abortion to a 10 year old girl to the Indiana Star. That is how this ball got rolling. There was a followup article that claimed this was not a HIPPA violation.

Clearly the disclosure was politically motivated, and clearly it worked. Now the Repugs want to make Bernard's life hell.