Friday, July 29, 2022

Erase / Rewind

I have to go on record, save some fat-assed golf shots, nekkid balloons and one golden calf/idol thingy, in the four years that BLOTUS ran this country into the ground, I don't think I ever posted a picture of him. That was 100% on principal. 

It simultaneously pains me to do it now / and yet I feel the need that it must be done. Hopefully, other than his Lenin-like embalmed corpse for display, this will be the one and only time.  

1. Matt "yeah, he's probably a self-loathing faggot" Drudge had to finally semi-concede that something might be rotten in Denmark.  And he put it front and center of his website yesterday. 

2. With. That. Pic. 

Well kids, now you know why BLOTUS wears so much make-up and bronzer.  He looks like your great aunt Matilda 38 years after a horrific face peel gone bad. 

I'll give it to Homo-Drudge, image-wise, he did not try to sugarcoat the situation BLOTUS might be in. 

That motherfucker Hannity is seemingly doubling down. His claims - almost 100 times between his tv and radio shows - that BLOTUS really was there to save the day and was calling in 10,000 National Guard troops.   ............except that the DOD says that never happened.  There was no such order from el Grande Cheeto. 

Hannity should be somewhat worried, no? Alleged calls and texts between he and BLOTUS on January 6th. Cahoots you say?  Maybe not you - but I do. 

For what little I can stomach to read (not Drudge, never him), things look bad for BLOTUS & Co. But we thought that with Mueller - and nothing. We thought that with two impeachments - and nothing. 

I shan't be holding my breath. 

Oh - and for you IT folks:  all this bullshit about you can't really delete everything and there is always a way to recover thing?  Talk to me about why any NSA person can't retrieve texts for a 48 hour period? The media's glossing over this is just astonishing. Because, that, I believe, will be the magic bullet to all of this. 

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Raybeard said...

Never thought we'd see 45 making even 46 look young!

Old Lurker said...

OMG. BLOTUS is white??