Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Get Out of this House

.....and I am one of them. 

But to be fair (to me!), I didn't want him to run in the first place, thought the DNC did another shady work-around to give us the candidate THEY wanted, not the voters - and we were stuck with him in "now I fucking HAVE to vote for him" scenario. 

That's twice in a row, DNC !!!

But let's face it, no matter who the GOP picks, Biden will not, and cannot, win in 2024. Your first 18 months as president gives you the most clout. He got zilch in that time frame. He won't get a do-over because the GOP picks Rick DeSantis.  Read the headline again. 

We have a president who has gotten almost nothing done. We are divided and Pappy Joe is not a uniter. I'm not sure there is one, but wearing dark aviators only get you so far. 

All that said, I don't know how the DNC pulls this off.  Pappy Joe is gonna have to say he only wanted one term, but then the party is going to have to kick Kamala to the curb too. Sorry folks, she's tainted goods with this administration and she's shown zero leadership too. I still see more of Mike Pence on a daily basis than I see of the sitting VP. 

I don't know who can step up at this point and win. There is no one left from the old guard that the DNC and claim won the primaries and nomination. Bernie is too old. AOC is too volatile for the party. 

All will be for naught if the GOP wins back the House and / or Senate. Technically we have those now and look where we are?   JFC, I guess it's a good thing Merrick Garland didn't get the SCOTUS seat. He is a toothless watchdog as AG, sitting on his hands instead of really going after the insurrectionists or the BLOTUS family. I get it would be viewed as 'revenge' but t.s..  Laws were clearly broken.  DO SOMETHING.  ANYTHING. 

Actually, that can be Pappy Joe's autobiography title. I'll even give it to him. Just get the fuck out of the White House. 

Song: Shawn Colvin


Raybeard said...

Even an outsider can see that the Dems are being gifted with an opportunity to make a sensible change which will WIN! If they cared half as much about winning as they seem to about not further antagonising Repub voters (as if that were possible!) they'd have this sewn up right now. Cheeses! Just DO IT!!!

Old Lurker said...

I wasn't a fan when he was running for the Democratic nomination the first time around, but I think Transportation Secretary Boot-edge-edge has the rhetorical skills to be a uniter. His clips on Fox News go viral regularly, and the fact that he keeps agreeing to go on Fox News is a point in his favor.

The Biden Bros are making a big push to say that he has been an amazing president who has accomplished many things, so perhaps you (and 75% of Democratic voters) are just out of touch. If the DNC doesn't know what is best for us then who does?