Monday, July 18, 2022

My Music Monday

I'm keeping with the theme of "Songs by Which to Run" for this month.

So Apple Play / Music / Whatever It's Called is now in use during workout - and only then. If I pick a genre, it usually sticks with it. This has led me down a path of music which may or may not be new, but possibly new to me. 

I know of, but don't know, Interpol. I would say for the most part I could take or leave their music - not necessarily in that order. Yet their song, "Evil" played a number of times a few weeks back and I not only looked forward to seeing it in the rotation, I might have even "hey Siri"'d it. 

I like the song, but not so much the video. Puppets / Marionettes are creepy. Especially if they have no nostrils or eyelashes. Or upper bridge. 

...and it's good song when you're in a 5mph clip. 


Ruby Williams said...
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Travel said...

It's Tuesday, I hope you are okay