Monday, July 04, 2022

My Music Monday

Today is not part of any theme. Just a song called "Independence Day".

As Neil Finn isn't from the U.S., this song has absolutely zero to do with July 4th, as we in America see it. 

Saw it.  Past tense. 

That women can still drive here or allowed to have bank accounts anymore is beyond me. Not to worry, they're already in the process of taking care to not letting black or brown people be allowed to vote. Or breathe.

Still, I love Finn's last solo disk, Out of Silence, from 2017. All songs were recorded live - and live streamed on Facebook (!) - as the band, strings and backing vocalists  performed. For a bit, most Fridays you could tune in to watch the album being made real-time. 

The tie in for today is really just the title, even if there is no attachment to the day. It's a good song, but not nearly one of the top 5 on the disk. But Finn is a great writer, if I say so myself. 


Travel said...

I hard year to get enthused about traditional music. I am trying to pull together a voting rights project for persons with disabilities.

Ur-spo said...