Wednesday, July 20, 2022


There are repercussions to working out.  You'd think weight loss and / or muscle gain, but not.  You're wrong. 

It's mostly injuries. 

Clearly, I'm prone to those - gym related or not. I have had my share of shoulder impingements, bilateral epicondylitis and such. Of course, non-gym related injuries have kept me from the gym - my back, due to a fall, a fractured hand from a fall, a torn MCL......from a fall.  You get the idea. 

I've gone into the version of this weightlifting portion very cautiously. 

Yes, I know starting off by benching an empty weight bar looks stupid, but it's 25 lbs and it's awkward. You have to, and should, know how it feels as it's much about balance and control as it is about lifting and adding weight.  Of course, over the months I have added that weigh and continue to do so cautiously.  

Curls are different and not as heavy. They can't be, as my elbow will flare up from time to time. 

My aforementioned impingement keeps me from doing above the shoulder things - but swinging kettle bells was never going to be my thing. And overhead presses seems like a young man's game anyway - so that's not happening either. 

But the injuries of which I alluded to were ones from running. 

Oh sure, you're thinking blisters (though I have one -  from indoor running!) to shin splints or some kind of cramp. Those are all possibilities but you'd be wrong. 

Bruised knuckles. 

Yes, I get I'm a neanderthal and am a knuckle dragger, but that's not it either. 

I'm sitting at work the other day wondering my my hand hurt and look down to see my left index and middle finger bruised. Sure, the latter one you could say gets worked out regularly when I'm annoyed or angry - but that's not it either. 

It's the treadmill itself. Not exclusively. I have something to do with it as well. 

Hand placement when you run seems to be important. I try to be cognizant of my posture I'm not a fan of holding my arms higher to keep my hands higher. But, if I don't, inadvertently, I occasionally hit my hand against those protruding arms.  Well, at least my left hand, 

I notice this increasing as I increase both time on the treadmill itself and the pace at which I run. 

The faster the tread, the faster my feet.  Makes sense. 

But I find myself being closer to the top / front of the mill itself. To go back too far at 5.5 mph could be spell disaster for this guy. 

One of my former biggest fears was flipping over the handlebars of my bike and breaking my teeth. Yeah - run me over with a car or break both legs - fine. But not the teeth.  Since I don't ride much anymore is why it is not on the top of my fear list anymore. has now been replaced by stumbling on the treadmill, falling forward and yes, breaking my teeth on the plastic panel in front of the screen. 

These are thing of which I think whilst running. At least once per run. 

No - don't try to talk to me about that red clippy thing that if it comes disconnected from you will stop the equipment.  Sure it will..............but I'm guessing by the time that happens, the damage is already done. If that comes off me, chances are, I'm already down. 

So yesterday's run was not really different, but I was much more aware of my hands and while I increased my speed, I only remember hitting my hand once. 


Song by: R.E.M. 


Travel said...

What are the risks of remaining in bed, surrounded by cats and dogs? It might be safer.

Old Lurker said...

I hope your continue to improve your technique. You need your hands healthy so you can pet Sophie and give her treats.